Temp file remaining at end of download

Nick Payne nick.payne at internode.on.net
Fri May 15 03:30:52 PDT 2015

Using GiP 2.92 on Windows. Every so often, when a download completes, 
and seems to complete successfully, I find that as well as the expected 
downloaded file, there is also what appears to be a temporary file of 
almost exactly the same size in the same output folder. For instance, I 
just downloaded episode 3 of The Game, and the output folder contains 
the files:

The_Game_Episode_3_b05vnkjw.mp4 - size 1,062,517,931 bytes


The_Game_Episode_3_b05vnkjw-temp-22211.mp4 - size 1,062,523,965 bytes

Both files have the same timestamp, and both play right through to the 
end without any problem. I just delete the version with temp in the 
filename, but any ideas on why this happens?


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