Suggestion: Indicate PVR Match when Listing Programmes.

Ralph Corderoy ralph at
Sun May 3 03:16:56 PDT 2015


I made a small change to ./get_iplayer locally.  When listing all that's
new, e.g.
    ./get_iplayer --future --since 2
I find it useful to see those that are already marked for PVR download,
perhaps because I've already done more specific searches and added them.
This lets me skim the larger list for anything else without worrying
I've missed adding those earlier ones.

It's a local bodge, and may not work for all cases, but seems OK here.
Before list_entry() I have a
that is initialised once in the function by
    if (!$main::pvrpids) {
        $pvrpids = {map {$_->{pid}, 0} values %$pvr};
and then the colon after the programme number changes for matches:
    my $colon = ':';
    exists $pvrpids->{$prog->{pid}} and $colon = '=';
This makes it easy to search for or highlight those lines.

I've not given a patch as I don't think it's worthy, I don't understand
all of get_iplayer in making it.  But I still gave snippets of code as
it's the easiest way of explaining.  :-)

Cheers, Ralph.

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