Refresher Requested on MPEG4 Container and AtomicParsley

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> Budgie

> From reading through this thread and it's explanation of the legacy mp3
> creation process. I think it's clear the best approach is to put these
> files through something like winff and regenerate the mp3. 

It might be better to avoid calling this 'mp3' as the payload should be


> I had a look at 
> and it shows the
> process you will want to use for "fixing the mp3" files. Although
> is used to change the
> container eg mkv->mp4 and I don't think that process will generate the
> index marks needed for the mp3 to be able to scrub around Kevin

I can't comment on "winff". But here ffmpeg will clean up and sort out
timestamps provided you have an appropriate version, etc. The snag in my
experience is that it depends which version you have and the details of the
'problem' data. That said, using 'copy' may prevent it from checking some
of the details of the payload. Here a 'copy' pass generally works, but its
not a panacea.


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