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> The business about the time stamp reference is because I have a number
> of radio gip downloads that were messed up due to an error with my set
> up a couple of years back.  As a result these play from start to finish
> but I cannot fast forward to any point mid programme. 

I've encountered similar symptoms from files captured with a DVB-T2
'dongle'. (i.e. from UHF broadcasts rather than iplayer). I don't know the
specifics of your case but can make two points that may help.

1) It may depend on the software you use to play the files. (This means the
version of the software and its settings as well as the type.)

I use VLC. Changing its settings can affect this. I can't recall off-hand
what setting I got to fix a similar problem, and am busy now, so may report
that later.

2) You may find that simply passing the file though ffmpeg or avconv adds
in sequential timestamps. i.e. using

ffmpeg -i infile.<ext> cleanfile.<ext>

ffmpeg will tend to clear up and tidy a stream or file. Note that sometimes
I've found that one version of ffmpeg/avconv did the trick, but another
didn't. (This is one reason I tend to keep more than one version to hand!)


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