Paywall for iPlayer?

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> On 07/06/2015 09:13 PM, TQ wrote:
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> >> On 06 July 2015 at 21:04 michael norman <michaeltnorman at>
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> >>> Rather than promote conspiracy theories about non doms and media
> >>> owners.
> >>> Direct your ire at the one eyed Scotch loon and his party who bribed
> >>> electors with taxpayers' money.
> >>>
> >>> _______________________________________________
> >>> Oh dear this is really getting OT
> >>
> >> But just asking who the one eyed Scotch loon might be ?
> >
> > Mad Jock McBroon - the man who was so deluded that he claimed to have
> > abolished boom and bust
> >
> Ok Gordon Brown.  Forgive me but how does this help us with the present 
> attitude of our rulers towards the BBC.  All I said was that they are 
> ideologically opposed to public service, thats not a conspiracy theory 
> its what they are doing and intend to do.  Defending and advancing the 
> interests of media owners who are mainly non doms.  All of which is a 
> matter of public record.
> Osbourne [sic] has made it quite plain what his agenda is, most recently on 
> the Andrew Marr show on BBC last Sunday. On the public record.

Osborne's moving of funding the free licenses from taxpayer to BBC is a 
smart move. It means defending (imho the indefensible) or opposing free 
licenses for over 75s is an issue for the BBC: if the BBC want their money 
they can lobby for the end of McBroon's profligacy.

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