Paywall for iPlayer?

Peter S Kirk peter.kirk at
Mon Jul 6 12:54:23 PDT 2015

On 6 Jul 2015 at 20:18, Nic Siddle Nic Siddle <nicsiddle at> wrote:

> and isn't it odd that the supposed savings to the government of the 
> proposed requirement of the BBC to fund licences for the over 75's just 
> happens to be the cost of a single licence multiplied by the number of 
> over 75's? i.e., according to the Government, all over 75s live singly 
> and independently and all want to watch TV?  This is the government 
> doing the bidding of our non-dom newspaper and media owners.

I believe the cost figure is what the Treasury is paying TV Licensing based 
on the invoices received from TVL. Much the same as bus companies invoice 
for free travel for oldies. Furthermore, I'm sure there is a lot of abuse 
of the system where one member of an over 75 couple will allow a 
friend/relative to use their "right" to a free license.

Rather than promote conspiracy theories about non doms and media owners. 
direct your ire at the one eyed Scotch loon and his party who bribed 
electors with taxpayers' money.

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