Paywall for iPlayer?

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> The crucial point I was trying to make in the context of this list was
> and is how does the bbc plug what they perceive as the iPlayer gap.  Its
> ironic that iPlayer is streets ahead technically of all the other catch
> up services, particularly ITVs offering, aside from anything about
> quality content the BBC started the whole thing and have made it work.

The good news is that the minister said in Parliament this afternoon that
the law should be changed so that a TV license will be required to make use
of the iplayer 'on demand'. Hence the loophole that lets people use this
without a license is to be closed. The minister was making a statement and
answering questions [1] and I think the BBC's 'head prefect' (Private Eye
reference ;-> ) has also made a statement about this.

Ensuring people *do* get a license is, of course, another matter. Although
I guess they could adopt the same approach as for conventional TV.

"You have broadband and a computer / 'smart' <sic> TV. Egro, you are
equipped to access iplayer, thus require a license." As a parallel for
"having a TV receiver".


[1] Saw this live on BBC Parliament (via DVB-T) when having a tea break at
about 4pm. Now wondering about being able to fetch the relevant section
using gip. To check the minister's words for any sneaky gotchas. No doubt
someone will now tell me. :-)

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