Paywall for iPlayer?

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On 06/07/2015 13:20, michael norman wrote:
> On 07/06/2015 12:08 PM, Jim web wrote:
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>>> Some more analysis:
>> Personally, I'm happy to pay for iplayer access. Although I'd 
>> *prefer* that
>> to be done via an extension (in legal terms) to requiring you buy a 'TV
>> license'. So either covered by the UK license, and/or offerring a 'BBC
>> iplayer license' for those outside the UK. The BBC needs to be funded to
>> make the programmes, etc.
>> The worry is if any system is limited in a way I'd find unreasonable. 
>> e.g.
>> Only providing access by using a method that *only* works for a 
>> limited set
>> of OSs like Windows/Mac. i.e. excluding the choice of Linux or other
>> 'minority' preferences. Similar for anything that limits choice of 
>> software
>> to some 'approved' closed source items on a magic list.
>> And of course, radio doesn't require a license as things stand, even 
>> in the
>> UK.
>> Jim
> Jim
> A wider view perhaps from The Guardian
> What happens to the BBC now will be interesting now the vandals are 
> getting their hands on it.  I hope Hewlett is right that the BBC can 
> find a way to limit the damage.
> In the context of iPlayer I'd be happy to pay for it, but I am anyway. 
> The issue is how do you make others who don't buy a tv licence pay for 
> it too.  Nobody knows how many such people there might be.  The BBC 
> solution would obviously be to expand the terms of the tv licence to 
> cover such people.  I don't think that is going to happen, So that 
> would leave, if iPlayer continues to a subscription service, which 
> again would be the start of death of the BBC licence fee,  And you get 
> another limited platform service like Netflix, which would probably 
> lead to its privatisation to compete in the market.
> Enjoy it while you can.
> Mike
Some real anti-BBC comments being posted on the forums. While I think 
the BBC can be pretty arrogant as an organisation (for example when 
dealing with complaints) I'm a great supporter of PBS broadcasting and I 
think the range and quality of programmes produced by the Corporation is 
just astounding, especially when compared to some of the dross put out 
by the Commercial channels. Having spent a fair bit of time abroad in 
recent years, I've not come across a broadcaster which can even come 
close to rivalling the BBC whether it's radio or TV. I've never had any 
dealings with the BBC other than as a viewer so I cannot comment on 
whether it's top-heavy with management, etc.

For me, the licence fee is excellent value for money - not a day goes by 
without me referring to the BBC website, reading news etc, ditto 
listening to radio and viewing TV.  And the iPlayer is now providing the 
type of TV I dreamed about 20 years ago (knocking spots off ITV's 
offering) and, of course, get_iplayer is an invaluable bolt-on. I do 
think the loophole that allows viewers to watch TV output online (as 
long as it's not live) does need to be plugged. I'm more than happy to 
pay the licence fee and would hate any move towards subscriptions fees 
whether it's for TV or iPlayer access, equally I would be against any 
move to make any of the BBC channels to carry commercials.


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