Able To Download!

Lewis Croll trowerblues at
Mon Jul 6 03:16:54 PDT 2015

>Hi Lewis (and Steve) 
>Yes Steve, you're right, I missed the Command Line instruction! 
>You can set modes from the Command Line for example: 
>get_iplayer --modes=best --pid=p02tw8xk 
>This will download the "best" version available for the programme, HD if 
available, otherwise SD. 
>get_iplayer --modes=flashhd --pid=p02tw8xk 

>This will download the HD version of the programme, if available. The 
>only problem is, that if you specify this and there is only a Standard 
>Definition version available, then the system will return the error 
>message you have seen. For this reason, I favour using the "best" mode. 

>To check the preferences you need to go to your user folder (if you've 
>followed the default installation then it will be located in the 
>"c:\users\xxxxx\.get_iplayer" folder. You will see a file there called 
>"options" which can be opened using a text editor such as Notepad. That 
>will show you relevant entries (if any) which specify a default download 
>mode. I know it takes some wading through but it's worth looking at the 
>Documentation at This 
>gives you the full low down on the many options available, the relevant 
>section to look at is "Saving Settings". 

>In the meantime, try 
>get_iplayer --modes=best --pid=p02tw8xk 
>and see how you get on. 
>All the best.

Hi Alan,

Thanks for your help, I have finally got it working again! When I went to the 'iplayer folder' there was no file called options so I deleted the lot, uninstalled the entire program, reinstalled and now it works! I used the command you provided- ('get_iplayer --modes=best --pid=********') so would recommend this to anyone who is having similar issues!

Thanks for your assistance


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