Linux Mint woes

Alan Milewczyk alan at
Wed Jul 1 06:17:14 PDT 2015

I'd love to like Linux but why is it such a struggle????

Running a dual boot Win 7 x64/Linux Mint 17.1 Rebecca 64 bit system and 
previously installed get_iplayer v2.92 on the Linux partition. It's 
Wimbledon, the season of humungous file sizes so I turn to Linux to do 
the honours without burping on the large files...... so I try to install 
GiP v2.94. It finally works (after I've ripped out what little I have 
left of my hair)... until I boot up today and find the system is on 
v2.92 ???????

Can someone please explain in monosyllabic step by step terms what I 
need to do to update to v2.94 please?

I'm losing the will to live.... :-(



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