Alan Milewczyk alan at
Sat Aug 29 07:51:03 PDT 2015

On 29/08/2015 15:05, Jim web wrote:
> OK, Here is a per file list for the two example Proms by pid:
> Apologies again for any typos due to my 'pen and paper' methods and typing
> (in)ability!
Useful list for me to try...

> The 1280x720 examples are all with video rates around 2200 kb/s. The others
> are about 1400. The audio is always 93 kb/s which is rather lower that I
> might wish, but sounds enjoyable in the context of having the video.

Actually the issue of video bitrates is something else that's had me 
puzzled. I was comparing some downloaded programmes from BBC Four 
recently to decide which to save for archiving purposes. As you're 
probably aware, sometimes programme series are repeated maybe a year or 
so down the line. In a number of cases I found that two programmes with 
the same --pid were of different size and on further investigation I 
found that although they had the same video rates (1280x720) they had 
vastly different video bitrates as you have described here. I wonder why 
that would be so, is it determined at the "transmitting" end or was it 
an issue of me accessing a different server?



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