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Fri Sep 19 12:37:44 PDT 2014

On Fri Sep 19 09:39:32 BST 2014, Chris J Brady wrote:

> The result was a file in iPlayer Recordings as:
> ""

 This was the reason I used:

--file-prefix="Gays Couples Given Similar Rights as Married Couples"

in my CLI command, so as to save the file with a SHORTER file name;
I am on Windows and once you start moving things around into folders
and subfolders and so on, you never know when you'll hit the 256 characters
limit in the full path to file...

> The file wasn't that large.

The .avi flavour of the file was ~ 17.9 MB.
I have attached the MediaInfo report for it:

Video Stream size                      : 9.71 MiB (54%)
Audio Stream size                      : 3.23 MiB (18%)

The remainder 28% of the file size is just muxing overhead.
And do not be fooled by the .avi extension; the video portion
of this file won't be played back by a DVD player or other
hardware player, because the overwhelming majority of those
lack support for the Sorenson Spark (FLV1) video codec.

The .flv version of the file you get when you use --raw is just 13.1 MB;
MediaInfo report also attached; the same stream sizes, but only 3%
muxing overhead.

> I was not sure how to set --raw though

 IIANM, this is currently not possible directly through the GUI
of the Web PVR Manager. I am an exclusive user of the CLI,
so I do not miss this feature; might worth a consideration for a
future implementation for those GUI-only users of GiP.
You can always add via the CLI a "--raw" pref and the
Web PVR Manager will observe it when run...

Take care,
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