Can't find Horizon episode using PVR interface

dinkypumpkin dinkypumpkin at
Sun Sep 14 14:49:10 PDT 2014

On 14/09/2014 21:51, geoff.getiplayer at wrote:

Reply to the list, not to me.

> Well spotted on the episodes 10 and 12!

But I was wrong about your episode not being on the iPlayer site.  It is 
there after all, but that still doesn't mean a get_iplayer search will 
find it.

> So, to fill in a gap in my understanding, how does get_iplayer get its
> view of what programmes are available? I noticed that recently
> get_iplayer didn't see the week's worth of radio programmes with the
> four week expiry date beyond the normal week whereas (I think) the
> iPhone app did. I think about a week's worth of radio had longer expiry
> dates after some service failure (I was out of the UK at the time)...

The data feeds used by get_iplayer contain only the previous 7 days of 
programme broadcasts.  The exception is that certain series (e.g., some 
BBC-produced shows like Doctor Who) have all their episodes available in 
the feeds as a "series catch-up".  As with Horizon, older episodes of 
other series may still be available, but you'll need to use URLs or PIDs 
to get them.  They won't appear in the results of a get_iplayer search 
because they are not in the data feeds.

> The search working for you is odd, when I put the URL in the Quick URL
> field (the default .* in Search, the default Name in "Search in" with
> only BBC TV ticked) I get the entire ~1300 programmes returned, as if
> I'd not set any search criteria.

Quick URL is for recording, not for searching.  Go back and look at the 
old thread you referenced in your original message: Click "Record" after 
entering the URL.

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