PVR script not running reliably

Philip Colmer philip at colmer.me.uk
Fri Sep 5 03:45:07 PDT 2014

> but nothing happens when the script is run via the Windows Task
> Scheduler.

I got to the bottom of this and thought I'd share the outcome in case there
are any other Windows users that might be affected by this.

It looks like Windows 8/Windows Server 2012 broke Task Scheduler in that if
a task is running but the user is not logged in, the profile doesn't get
loaded, so the path is wrong. So, in my case, the task was running but under
the wrong context so the "wrong" cache files were being updated and no pvr
settings were being found.

There is a KB article referencing this
(http://support.microsoft.com/kb/2968540/en-gb) but I couldn't get the
workaround to work for me. Instead, I copied the three "set" commands from
e-4 into the start of my get_iplayer--pvr script and that has fixed the



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