PVR script not running reliably

Philip Colmer philip at colmer.me.uk
Tue Sep 2 08:48:41 PDT 2014

I'm using the get_iplayer--pvr.bat script on a Windows system. It seemed to
be working fine until something happened that caused the programmes cache
not to be updated, so the PVR stopped realising it needed to grab anything.

So then I updated the script to do this:

perl.exe get_iplayer.pl --refresh --type=radio
perl.exe get_iplayer.pl --refresh
perl.exe get_iplayer.pl --pvr

The script works perfectly when I run it by hand but nothing happens when
the script is run via the Windows Task Scheduler. The task scheduler doesn't
appear to be reporting any problems. The security log is showing that my
credentials are being used to run the script and that I'm being "logged off"
17 seconds later so clearly the script isn't busy for very long :-(.

Is this a situation that anyone else has encountered before?



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