Curiosity: what means "mmsnothread"; and why might I need it?

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Fri Jun 20 16:41:05 PDT 2014

dinkypumpkin <dinkypumpkin at> wrote:

>On 19/06/2014 12:27, Howard Orgel wrote:
>> Installation of a previous version put "mmsnothread 1" in GiP's system
>> options file <C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\get_iplayer\options>.
>> It has survived updates/reinstallations to present.  What does it do; and
>> why might I need it?  Removing it seems to have no effect. 

>> A secondary question: is there any reason, other than historical, or
>> it-seemed-like-a-good-idea-at-the-time, why there are separate system and
>> user options files in a WinXP installation of GiP?

> The system options file is managed by the installer on Windows.  You
> shouldn't touch it.  If you want to override any settings, put them in
> your user options file or use the command line.

I'm puzzled by this comment because I run get_iplayer under Windows XP, and
I have no system options file at all.   Here,

  C:\Documents and Settings\All Users

does not have a "\get_iplayer" folder let alone an "options" file within it.

Looking at the get_iplayer code (but with non-expert perl eyes) I get the
impression that the file will be read from if it is present, but nothing
actually within get_iplayer creates it - is that right?

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