How to download subtitles when episode is not in cache

dinkypumpkin dinkypumpkin at
Thu Jun 19 16:14:51 PDT 2014

On 19/06/2014 22:30, Timothy wrote:
> dinkypumpkin: You're going to have to find another example to test, though.
> Okay, here's one about dolphins (one output is with program in cache, one
> without):

OK, my mistake.  I guess the first test you sent wasn't valid, i.e., it 
must have been in my cache after all.  I just took it at face value, but 
I should have double-checked it.

Looking at the code, it is apparent that --subtitles-only (and 
--metadata-only and --thumbnail-only) were never intended to work with 
--pid if the corresponding programme isn't in the cache.  It looks like 
that functionality could be added, but it needs some more investigation. 
  I'll look into it for next release.

But I have to ask: Can you show any real-life example of this, i.e., one 
not contrived my editing your cache?  Is there a programme that: a) can 
be downloaded with --pid; 2) has subtitles available; 3) is not in the 
listing feeds used to populate the get_iplayer cache?

For now, a quick and dirty suggestion: Try using --subtitles and start a 
download of the programme, something like:

get_iplayer --subtitles --pid b046w2n8

When rtmpdump kicks off, kill it (Ctrl-C or use Task Manager in Windows 
to kill perl.exe and rtmpdump.exe, in that order).  You'll be left with 
a file in your output directory that contains the 
subtitles, along with the partially-downloaded FLV file, which you can 

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