How to download subtitles when episode is not in cache

Timothy tmthywynn8 at
Thu Jun 19 09:40:20 PDT 2014

dinkypumpkin: Reply to the list, not to me.

I apologize. I didn't catch the mistake until quite a bit later.

dinkypumpkin: This command works fine here:

get_iplayer --subtitles-only --pid b0467gsn

Here's my log, though I'm assuming one of my options in the options file is 

get_iplayer --subtitles-only --pid b0467gsn --verbose
INFO: User prefs dir: C:\.../.get_iplayer
INFO: System options dir: C:\.../get_iplayer/options
Current options:
  atomicparsley = .\AtomicParsley\AtomicParsley\AtomicParsley.exe
  fatfilename = 1
  ffmpeg = .\FFmpeg\ffmpeg-1.2-win32-static\bin\ffmpeg.exe
  force = 1
  lame = .\lame\x86\lame.exe
  mmsnothread = 1
  mplayer = .\mplayer\MPlayer-1.0rc2\mplayer.exe
  nocopyright = 1
  nopurge = 1
  nowrite = 1
  output = D:\BBC iPlayer\Convert
  pid = b0467gsn
  rtmpdump = .\RTMPDump\rtmpdump.exe
  subsfmt = compact
  subsonly = 1
  subtitles = 1
  verbose = 1
  vlc = .\vlc\vlc.exe
  whitespace = 1

INFO: Search args: ''
INFO: Will try prog types: tv
INFO: Got 1408 file cache entries for tv
INFO: Getting page
INFO: Episode-only pid detected
INFO: Trying pid: b0467gsn using type: tv
INFO Trying to stream pid using type tv
INFO: pid not found in tv cache
INFO: Cleaning pid Old: 'b0467gsn',  New: 'b0467gsn'


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