317 kbps radio files - really?

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It may not support Rockbox - but if it does, that'll give your Mini a new 
lease of life :) My old H140 is still a brilliant portable player with Rockbox.

Internally, shows are stored as linear audio. Network uses "dira!" and 
local radio is just beginning a major project to move to it too from 
Radioman as the playout system.

On dira systems, stuff is stored for broadcast as linear audio - 16 bit, 48 
kHz WAV (yes, 48 due to underlying architecture of dira and makes it easier 
to share media with TV who all work at 48).

No guarantee that all source audio for a programme is always recorded as 
WAV but it's almost invariably so now. (Only handful of exceptions to this 
but this is mostly only where portable newsgathering apps are being used in 
the field.)

Network programmes will all be recorded and edited at lossless quality - 
Archers and few other programmes are still edited on SADiE (...and Archers 
is an odd case as it's also still done at 44.1 kHz for technical reasons). 
Outsourced programmes can be done almost any way as long as they conform to 
strict digital delivery specifications.


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> > On 15 June 2014 at 10:57 Owen Smith <owen.smith at cantab.net> wrote:
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> > My thoughts exactly.
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> > And even when the file is 320kbps AAC I can't personally see why
> > anyone would transcode it to 128kbps MP3. Storage sizes today make
> > this kind of file size reduction meaningless for audio.
> I have a very, very old 4GB iPod mini plugged into the top of my alarm
> clock (the battery on the iPod died years ago), which doesn't play nice
> with AAC files, I always have to transcode Late Junction (4 weeks at a
> time) in order to get it to get reliable playback.
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