317 kbps radio files - really?

Chris Marriott chris at chrism.demon.co.uk
Thu Jun 12 01:01:22 PDT 2014

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>Note the metadata still says 128kbps for Radio 3 like all the other 
>channels, but the stream is actually 320kbps. This causes >confusion at 
>times. I imagine Radio 2 would behave the same if it went 320kbps.

If it's a voice programme, rather than music, a useful option is the 
"aactomp3" flag, which will transcode at 128kbps, no matter what the 
original is. I use this very successfully for all the drama programmes I 
record from Radio 4 Extra. Of course, for music, you may wish to retain the 
320kbps for the higher quality.


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