"<firstbcast>" field absent

Robert Snelling h3q7f at rcs0000.me.uk
Mon Jun 2 17:05:48 PDT 2014

I've just done some re-twiddling at my end, and I'm running GIP now as I
send this, and the "<firstbcast>" field is present now. I think, now,
that the cause of the problem may very well have been some minor edits I
did to the shell script that I was using to call GIP. Or it might have
been what you suggested. I don't know.

On 02/06/14 22:10, dinkypumpkin wrote:
> On 02/06/2014 19:19, Robert Snelling wrote:
>> <span class="release"> First shown: 4.15pm 1 Jun 2014 </span>
>> Searching for "first", in all 3 cases, results in only 1 match, namely
>> the above line. Could this be the cause? I'm on a business ADSL line
> The first/last broadcast dates do not come from the iPlayer web pages.
>>     <filename>/BIG/new/iplayer/receive/main/tv/X----.-b01s35ck-.-tv-.-default-.-Doctor_Who-.-0007-.-0004-.-Hide---.mp4</filename>
>>     <filepart>/BIG/new/iplayer/receive/main/tv/X----.-b01s35ck-.-tv-.-default-.-Doctor_Who-.-0007-.-0004-.-Hide---.partial.mp4</filepart>
>>     <fileprefix>X----.-b01s35ck-.-tv-.-default-.-Doctor_Who-.-0007-.-0004-.-Hide---</fileprefix>
>>     <guidance></guidance>
>>     <index>329</index>
>>     <longname>Doctor Who: Series 7 Part 2</longname>
> Works fine here.  Since both first and last broadcast dates are missing,
> I suspect that the download failed for the metadata file containing
> those bits of data.  It's also possible the data was incomplete.  It
> happens, albeit rarely.  Give it another try.
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