"<firstbcast>" field absent

Robert Snelling h3q7f at rcs0000.me.uk
Mon Jun 2 11:19:11 PDT 2014

I have just looked at the source for the iPlayer web pages of 3
different programmes. Of these, Click was downloaded (and metadata OK)
13:15 on 31 May. Doctor Who; downloaded 20:15 1 June, firstbcast field
absent. Women's FA Cup Final; no attempt made to download this
programme. In all 3 cases, the following quotes from the page source
look like this (Women's FA Cup Final chosen as this example):-

<span class="release"> First shown: 4.15pm 1 Jun 2014 </span>

Searching for "first", in all 3 cases, results in only 1 match, namely
the above line. Could this be the cause? I'm on a business ADSL line
from Demon (a brand of Vodafone), and the particular service of theirs
that I have is called "Business Unlimited" (meaning it is designed for
business rather than home, and it has no download / upload limits).

I have not run GIP since my original post.

The following lines are in the format: lines 1 and 2 -> programme name
and episode; line 3 -> URL of programme on iPlayer website; line 4 ->
quote from the page source of that page.:- (3 separate programmes

Women's FA Cup Final
2014 Final: Arsenal Ladies v Everton Ladies
<span class="release"> First shown: 4.15pm 1 Jun 2014 </span>

Doctor Who
Series 7 Part 2: 4. Hide
<span class="release"> First shown: 6.45pm 20 Apr 2013 </span>

<span class="release"> First shown: 1.30am 31 May 2014 </span>

The following are quotes from the XML file from from Click, and then
Doctor Who:-

	<firstbcastrel>0 days 11 hours ago</firstbcastrel>
	<lastbcastrel>0 days 0 hours ago</lastbcastrel>

	<longname>Doctor Who: Series 7 Part 2</longname>

On 01/06/14 23:50, dinkypumpkin wrote:
> On 01/06/2014 23:11, Robert Snelling wrote:
>> Downloaded programmes seem to play OK when I just flick through them
>> ever so quickly. Other fields (than <firstbcast>) are present in the
>> generic metadata files (*.xml) that I have my setup produce for each
>> programme. <firstbcast> is absent both from the *.xml files AND from the
>> programme filename as formatted with the --fileprefix option.
> Works fine here.  It would help if you gave an example so we're looking
> at the same output.
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