"<firstbcast>" field absent

Robert Snelling h3q7f at rcs0000.me.uk
Sun Jun 1 15:11:21 PDT 2014

Is it just me, or have the BBC changed something? I make use of the
"<firstbcast>" field, and as of this evening's run of GIP, this field is
conspicuous by its absence. It was there yesterday evening.

I'm using Jon's stable PPA on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS 64-bit PC running under
an open source Xen hypervisor on an OpenSUSE host. I am in the UK. GIP
normally work OK for me.

Downloaded programmes seem to play OK when I just flick through them
ever so quickly. Other fields (than <firstbcast>) are present in the
generic metadata files (*.xml) that I have my setup produce for each
programme. <firstbcast> is absent both from the *.xml files AND from the
programme filename as formatted with the --fileprefix option.

Are other people seeing this too? Or has something got accidentally
screwed up at my end?

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