Command-line job not working as PVR job

dinkypumpkin dinkypumpkin at
Fri Jan 31 07:54:49 EST 2014

On 31/01/2014 10:35, Andrew Isherwood wrote:
> Hi all
> I've got a job that I want to run as a PVR job, it works fine when I run it from the command-line, but when I run it as a PVR job it says there are "0 Matching Programmes". I'm sure I've made a head-slappingly simple mistake, but can't see it. Can anyone please help?
> Command-line:
> /usr/local/bin/get_iplayer/get_iplayer --category=Films --modes=best --subtitles --thumbnail --output "/path/to/dir/" --file-prefix="<name>" --whitespace --type=tv --get .*
> PVR config:
> category Films
> modes best
> subtitles 1
> thumb 1
> output /path/to/dir
> fileprefix '<name>'
> whitespace 1
> type tv
> search .*

Change search back to search0 in the pvr job file.  The PVR machinery 
needs the numeric suffixes, so don't remove them after you create the 
PVR job.

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