get_iplayer overseas

S Byers s_byers666 at
Fri Jan 10 11:44:19 EST 2014

Using the Windows-based PVM I have used get_iplayer all over the world for radio programmes. No problems - apart from some timeouts.

But recently I needed to download a t.v. programme whilst in Germany. The PVM list refreshed OK. And I could search for and find the programme. Yet when I tried to record get_iplayer wouldn't make that vital connection to start the download.

So I then tried Hola the VPN plugin for Chrome. However with this I found that get_iplayer stalled all of the time, and RTPDump kept losing bytes, and also crashing.

I do notice that there are a number of presumably ex-pat Brit. members on the list here. I wonder how they manage to get_iplayer working?

BTW I DO pay my Beeb license fee, and this is one of the few times that I have needed to download a t.v. programme out of the country. 

Cheers - SB

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