Not picking up available HD stream

dinkypumpkin dinkypumpkin at
Fri May 24 09:40:28 EDT 2013

On 24/05/2013 14:31, Neill Mitchell wrote:
> I used the --show-options and it appears that it is ignoring the file
> options and using the defaults in the code regardless. I have option
> files in both /etc/get_iplayer and ~.get_iplayer and it ignoring the
> modes lines in both when performing the actual download.
> Quick and dirty hack is to edit the mode defaults the code.

It clearly doesn't do that for no reason, so changing the code is not 
necessary.  The next thing is to check whether or not those were typos 
in your original post. You wrote:

> In the options file I have tried modes=best as well as modes=flashhd,flashhd2,flashvhigh,flashvhigh2,flashhigh,flashstd

Neither of those are valid entries in the options file, which uses space 
instead of "=" as key/value separator.  If those are verbatim from your 
options file they will be ignored, which would explain the output from 

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