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Kapitano kapitano72 at
Wed Feb 20 08:16:26 EST 2013

On 2/20/2013 16:01 PM, get_iplayer at wrote:
> On Windows I find an essential modification is to create a new shortcut
> in the Send To folder that points to notepad.exe (or your editor of
> choice), because then on any file on the machine you can right-click in
> Explorer, go Send To ->  Notepad, and it'll open.

Very useful. Here's how to do it - at least on XP:

*Click Start > Run
* Type Shell:Sendto (this will open the C:\Documents and 
Settings\Administrator\SendTo folder)
* Delete any 'SendTo' shortcuts you don't want.
* Rightclick, click New, and Shortcut
* Browse to the location of the editor
* Click Next, type a name for the shortcut, and click Finish.

12 years on, and I'm still finding new things about XP.

(Drifting off topic, but I think it's worth noting.)


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