[PATCH] Removed double re-muxing of AAC audio (national radio) to M4A

richard richard at richsim900.plus.com
Tue Feb 12 17:03:03 EST 2013

On Tue Feb 12 13:01:13 EST 2013 dinkypumpkin wrote:

> It would also be very helpful to know if you get different results 
> with a modern version ffmpeg, either from Jon Davies' PPA

Apologies. The patch wasn't the cause of the problem playing m4a files
on the Marantz CD6003. The culprit is recent versions of ffmpeg.

A fix to ffmpeg was made sometime ago, but it appears to have regressed
back. By coincidence, when I recently tested get_iplayer with Precise,
it too produces m4a files that don't play.  

Anyway, in Lucid I inadvertently installed two versions of ffmpeg: 

ffmpeg 4:0.5.9-0ubuntu0.10.04.3 (from Ubuntu Lucid repository)

ffmpeg-static git-N-30582-gef28c7b (from Jon Davies PPA - built on Jun 6
2011 15:24:53)

Remuxing flv file with:
ffmpeg -i file.flv -vn -acodec copy -y file.m4a
creates an m4a file that doesn't play.

But remuxing flv file with:
ffmpeg-static -i file.flv -vn -acodec copy -y file.m4a
creates an m4a file that does play.

get_iplayer downloads using ffmpeg-static (from Jons Davies PPA), and so
I was not having any problems with that. I've now removed the repository
ffmpeg 4:0.5.9. 

Hope this makes sense.




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