Audio bit rate settings

dinkypumpkin dinkypumpkin at
Thu Feb 7 11:30:37 EST 2013

On 07/02/2013 15:43, Simon Nash wrote:
> The catch-up streams for Radio 3 are 320k as well.

Can you point me to some programmes that have 320k catch-up versions you 
can access via get_iplayer?  I haven't come across any to date, so I'd 
like to make sure get_iplayer isn't missing downloads that might 
otherwise be available.  I don't see any 320k content in the stream data 
that get_iplayer uses, but there may be more to it.  The iPlayer Radio 
site's pop-up player shows an "HD" graphic on R3 catch-up programmes, 
but I don't think those are 320k streams.  I think "HD" is just a 
holdover from from the live broadcast.  I haven't checked a huge number 
of R3 programmes, but the iPlayer Radio site appears to be using the 
same stream data as get_iplayer.

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