MP4 to MP3 conversation (Video+Audio -> Audio)

Shevek shevek at
Thu Aug 29 04:33:56 EDT 2013

On 29 August 2013 08:04, Vangelis forthnet <northmedia1 at> wrote:

> If Shevek would kindly allow me to step in, then:

But, of course, please do :)

> From the info above produced by FFmpeg I can tell that you are trying to
> process an encrypted MP4 file (encv=
> encrypted video stream, enca= encrypted audio stream), most probably your
> MP4 file "NK_4S.mp4" came from
> the official iPlayer Desktop App (that uses Adobe Air) and downloads DRM'd
> files.
> Likewise, the wmv files downloaded from a programme's iplayer page are also
> DRM'd - DRM'd files (be they MP4
> or WMV) cannot be converted to anything else - they play in the designated
> player (iPlayer Desktop / Windows Media
> Player) for as long as the DRM lic allows, then they expire and are nothing
> but junk bytes...

Well spotted!

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