MP4 to MP3 conversation (Video+Audio -> Audio)

Kris Szajdzicki kms at
Wed Aug 28 19:32:47 EDT 2013

	If you have received this message several times, my apologies.   Outlook has been sending bounce messages.
	Thank you Shevek for your suggestion (ffmpeg -i file.mp4 -vn  -q:a 2 file.mp3).   This runs, but the screen is filled with red error messages.   I tried it with both MP4 & WMV files with no difference.   Could it be due to DRM or something similar - I know that the BBC are protective of their output
	Attached is the MP3 output and screen dumps of the start & end of the process.   I also have the full 2.5M error file if you need it.   The command string is:
ffmpeg -i F:\BBC_iPlayer\repository\NK_4S.mp4 -vn  -q:a 2 F:\BBC_iPlayer\repository\NK_4S3.mp3>F:\BBC_iPlayer\repository\result.txt 2>&1
	I hope that you will be able to help me.

Regards & thanks


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