Is this failure to download a radio programme somethiung I can fix?

dinkypumpkin dinkypumpkin at
Mon Aug 12 17:52:15 EDT 2013

On 12/08/2013 20:55, Jeremy Nicoll - ml get_iplayer wrote:
> For several days, and on two machines, I've tried to download a Radio Ulster
> programme, called "Bad Language", listed as the 09 Aug episode.  It seems to
> fail to fetch the first stream using RTMPDUMP, then go on to try another
> (real time WMA streaming?).  That goes wrong in a different way - I see no
> network traffic actually taking place (via my NetMeter app) and the command
> window I issue the command in never returns to a C prompt, and XP's task
> manager says mplayer isn't actually executing.

FWIW, I'm going to remove WMA mode from the mode shortcuts in the next 
release.  I wish I had done it for the last release given the confusion 
it can cause for new users.  MPlayer WMA streaming has always been a bit 
unreliable on Windows (oh the irony) and it's a poor fallback when 
rtmpdump fails since it's real-time only (when it works).  For me, it's 
really only useful for live radio recording.

> Other episodes have been fetched without problem.  Any ideas?

This tells you everything you need to know:

> DEBUG: HandleInvoke, server invoking <onStatus>
> DEBUG: HandleInvoke, onStatus: NetStream.Play.StreamNotFound
> ERROR: Closing connection: NetStream.Play.StreamNotFound
> DEBUG: Closing connection.

This happens sometimes - things get screwed up at the BBC end and there 
is no media stream for a given programme.  There's you can do about that 
I'm aware of.

> [Reference]
> Ref1=
> Ref2=

The "bad.wma" is a clue.  That's not a proper ASX playlist, presumably 
because the programme isn't available.

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