get_iplayer fileprefix issue?

Andy Giraud agiraud at
Thu Aug 1 08:07:54 EDT 2013

Hi all,

I am using get_iplayer 2.83 on two Linux machines to download TV programs
with the following settings: 

Output of get_iplayer --prefs-show:
fatfilename = 1
whitespace = 1
raw = 1
tvmode = best
profiledir = /xxx/xxx
output = /xxx/xxx
fileprefix = <name><-episode>.

I use fatfilename as the files are copied onto a NAS that doesn't like
colons in the filename and whitespace as I prefer spaces to underscores.

According to the wiki documentation for 2.83's slightly extended syntax for
substitution parameters, by using the fileprefix setting as above only the
name and episode details will be included in the filename and if the
downloaded file has no episode info, this section (including the hyphen,
since it is inside the chevrons) will not appear at all: 
Default: <name>-<episode> <pid> default.flv or <name>-<pid> default.flv
Fileprefix set as above: <name>-<episode>.flv or <name>.flv

My problem is that since adding this setting to my prefs (or using it on the
command line), it works as expected when downloading a series with episode
info, but for everything else without it (films, one-off progs etc) I end up
with a hyphenated double filename, <name>-<name>.flv:
Easy Listening Hits at the BBC.flv becomes
Easy Listening Hits at the BBC-Easy Listening Hits at the BBC.flv

I tried replacing the hyphen with a dot (as per the wiki example) in case
this was causing the problem, but got exactly the same result. I have also
removed all preset options and tried the --fileprefix setting on its own and
with the other settings via the command line, but again, I get the same

The documentation seems clear enough, but have I misunderstood something
about this setting, is there something I've missed or is this a bug? How do
I stop this double-file naming for program names that do not contain episode

Many thanks in advance for your help.


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