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Paul Verrall mrverrall at
Thu Aug 1 05:40:53 EDT 2013

Hi Ross,

You can redirect the 'stderr' output (which is all the verbose stuff)
and leave the 'stdout' output, which for get_iplayer is just a list of
the programs that have been downloaded and their description. I do
this as the command in my cron job;

/usr/local/bin/get_iplayer --pvr 2>>/tmp/get_iplayer.log

the 2>> redirects stderr to an appended log file, this means that if I
have issues I can check this file to see what the full output actually
was. You may want to read the manual here for more info on

Hope that helps.

On 1 August 2013 10:13, ross <the.ross.bradley at> wrote:
> Hi,
> I have recently setup a cron job to take care of all my get_iplayer pvr
> needs.
> This setup is not very elaborate, but works as expected.
> Currently at the end of the cron job i use ssmtp to send it's output.
> I understand that this email is just the output of the command as if
> run from the cli.
> I would however like to know whats been downloaded in a more compact
> way. Without the verbose output of the command.
> I was thinking about getting this info from the
> ~/.get_iplayer/download_history ... but then how to email? before
> getting into complicated tail, loop, awk and sed scripts then pushing
> to ssmtp, is there an inbuilt way?
> What are other people doing here?
> --
> sco
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