Get_iplayer on Raspberry Pi

Alex Eames alex at
Thu May 31 07:39:45 EDT 2012

On 31/05/2012 00:22, tommy wrote:
> The repositories (main debian and deb-multimedia) don't seem to have
> the latest versions of RTMPDump (v2.3) or ffmpeg. Upgrading to v2.4
> from git (along with git versions of ffmpeg and get_iplayer) seems to
> solve the problem, as it then resumes successfully:
> ERROR: RTMP_ReadPacket, failed to read RTMP packet header
> 191759.117 kB / 0.00 sec
> INFO: Connection timed out, trying to resume.
Excellent thank you Tommy. When it doesn't time out it works perfectly.

I already have the latest Git of get_iplayer running but want to upgrade
rtmpdump to the git version. Not quite sure exactly how to do it, but 
I've found this...

git clone git://

cd rtmpdump
sudo make install

from here

and by logical extension
git clone git:// ffmpeg
cd ffmpeg
sudo make install

Will this be enough to get me there? Sorry, I'm a bit of a linux retard, 
but keen to learn these basics.


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