Help with downloaded radio file formats and thumbnail jpgs please.

Alastair ajebay at
Thu May 24 08:12:43 EDT 2012

On Sun, 20 May 2012 17:05:32 +0100 dinkypumpkin wrote:
>On 20/05/2012 16:52, Alastair wrote:
>>Twonky etc. such as flac.   Also the files which come as m4a seem to lack any tagging
>>whilst mp3 podcasts come with extensive tagging.  Does that mean I must include a
>>tagging preference as well?  Please could somebody advise on what defaults should be
>It sounds like you don't have AtomicParsley installed.  get_iplayer uses AtomicParsley to 
>MP4/M4A files.
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>get_iplayer at

Hi and thanks.  I thought AtomicParsley was only for Windoze so had no idea.  
I have tried to install it on openSUSE 12.1 86_64 system but am not having much luck.  
Please could you suggest source for rpm.

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