Legacy versions of get_iplayer

dinkypumpkin dinkypumpkin at gmail.com
Tue May 15 11:22:15 EDT 2012

On 15/05/2012 15:04, Rob Dixon wrote:
> The infradead git repository holds versions of get_iplayer back to
> v2.76, which is less than two years old. Are older releases available
> anywhere else?

FWIW, Google turned up v2.66 and v2.41 lurking in old Ubuntu packages 
(Lucid and Karmic, respectively).  There may be other old tarballs or 
Linux packages out in the ether, but I've no idea.

If you're trying to find a specific prior version, the Git repo is the 
place to look.  The infradead repo contains the entire commit history 
for get_iplayer.  Release 2.76 (and its associated tag) mark the point 
where Phil Lewis dropped get_iplayer and it was transferred to 
infradead.  I assume that prior releases weren't tagged in Phil's 
Subversion repo or the tags weren't converted when the repo was 
transferred to Git.

As an approximate method to track down old versions of the get_iplayer 
script, you can look for commits where the internal version number 
changed.  Try this in your clone of the infradead repo:

git log -p get_iplayer | egrep '^(commit|\+my \$version =)'

It will produce a long printout that looks like:

commit c09afcb1fdc029799dae54fe665bc43edb8ee7d9
+my $version = 2.69;
commit 388a43ceaa969f59f1aab0b6b5767baa77241f98
+my $version = 2.68;
commit 2696a7a92e66a7132d8265cca658b66d42b6185c
+my $version = 2.67;
commit 5d325d60e5d5167fc5b54eafa796c4a527e3fdc9
+my $version = 2.66;
commit 6f84eb61d0dcfef673743fc4e5d9e1199ffb4f2c
commit 23d38538ac54b18e8a0dfb56abd47514e95fbad8
+my $version = 2.65;

Find the version you're looking for and do a checkout on the commit hash 
just above it.  So for example, to get v2.68 using the above:

git checkout 388a43ceaa969f59f1aab0b6b5767baa77241f98

That will put you in detached HEAD state at the point of the commit 
referenced in the checkout.

I'm sure it won't be perfect since there's no guarantee that the commit 
including a change in the version number is the same one used for the 
actual release tarball, but it should get you in the right ballpark.

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