Upstairs Downstairs in HD

dinkypumpkin dinkypumpkin at
Wed Feb 29 17:49:27 EST 2012

On 29/02/2012 22:02, Oliver Christmas wrote:
> I do yes. But it's not appearing when searching under category "hd" in
> the web pvr manager. thats the way I normally check for hd availability.
> Is that not right?
> On Feb 29, 2012 9:46 PM, "dinkypumpkin" <dinkypumpkin at
> <mailto:dinkypumpkin at>> wrote:
>     On 29/02/2012 21:39, Oliver Christmas wrote:
>         Hello.  I am trying to get Upstairs Downstairs in HD.  I can play it
>         via the web (
>         <>
>         ) but can only get the SD version via the web pvr manager.
>           Anyone any
>         cunning ideas?
>     Did you add 'flashhd' to the front of your list of recording modes?

Not every programme with a HD download available is assigned category 
'HD' by get_iplayer.  I think the HD category designation is only 
assigned to programmes actually broadcast on the BBC HD channel.  I 
don't know if that can be expanded to assign the HD category to 
programmes from BBC One and BBC Two that are also available in HD.  For 
obvious cases like Upstairs, Downstairs, I would say just put 'flashhd' 
at the head of your recording modes list and it will pick up the HD 
download if it's available, and fall back to flashvhigh, etc., if it's 
not.  Otherwise, you'll have to drop out to the command line and use 
--info to verify if an HD download is available.

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