[PATCH] Update Channel Lists

Brian Penn brian at zospro.com
Mon Feb 27 15:58:13 EST 2012

Please do not remove "BBC 7" just yet. It is quite annoying but, some
programs are still being marked at BBC7...

> gi --type radio --channel "BBC 7"
12666:  The Big Fun Show - Episode 1, BBC 7, Comedy,Radio,Sketch
12800:  The Mitch Benn Music Show: Series 1 - 07/08/2007, BBC 7,
12928:  This Sceptred Isle - 76. The Rise and Rise of Oliver Cromwell,
BBC 7, Drama,Factual,Historical,History,Radio
12929:  This Sceptred Isle - 77. The First Redcoats and The Battle of
Naseby, BBC 7, Drama,Factual,Historical,History,Radio

INFO: 4 Matching Programmes

Actually - now I've got a moan going...
<GRIPE>The BBC is being inconsistent with channel naming..Some
Radio4Extra programs are coming marked as "Radio 4" - and sometimes
programs for Radio4 are marked as "Radio 4 Extra" if they are to be
repeated on R4X BEFORE transmission on R4X. Others are still R4 even
after retransmission. But my personal favourite is "This Sceptred
Isle" changed from R4X to R7 around episode 63! All seems pretty

So the BBC7 tag does com in useful still.


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