For discussion - signed-only programmes displayed in match list won't download without explicit version

dinkypumpkin dinkypumpkin at
Thu Feb 23 15:24:49 EST 2012

On 23/02/2012 18:05, Rob Dixon wrote:
> The situation is that I want the default version if it is available,
> otherwise signed will do. Audiodescribed is too intrusive to be useful.
> I have a PVR list set up to download Horizon programmes which fails at
> present if it hits a signed one. Perhaps the download should degrade
> from default to signed to audiodescribed, with the --versions option
> allowing a different list to override that. For now my patch is the only
> way to get things working without intervention.
> (Looking at --helplong again, perhaps that's what it does already if I
> say --prefs-add --versions=default,signed. I must test that.)

That should do what you want.  I still don't think it should be the 
default behaviour to automatically fall back to alternate versions.  As 
as rule, you shouldn't get a download you didn't ask for.  If you want 
some sort of automatic fallback, then implement an option setting to 
switch it on. That leaves it up to the user.  It would be fairly 
straightforward: if the new option is set, then populate the versions 
setting with "default,signed,audiodescribed", just as if you'd entered 
it on the command line, and let get_iplayer do its thing as normal. 
Whatever you do, don't break existing behaviour, as would happen with 
your earlier patch.  And there's also another wrinkle to consider: 
audiodescribed programmes are usually only available at a single 
recording quality, so you'd have to somehow square that with any user 
settings for --modes.

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