Signed programmes not downloading

dinkypumpkin dinkypumpkin at
Thu Feb 23 06:41:28 EST 2012

On 23/02/2012 08:53, Rob Dixon wrote:
> I have noticed recently that signed television programmes are breaking
> get_iplayer. An interim fix that seems to work (there may be a better
> indicator than the one I have chosen) is to add the line
> $url .= '/sign' if $prog->{channel} and $prog->{channel} eq 'Signed';
> after line 4939 in the 2.80 release of which reads
> $url .= '/ad' if defined $opt->{versionlist} && $opt->{versionlist} ne
> 'default';

I've just downloaded several signed programmes without a hitch, so 
please expand on "breaking get_iplayer".  Does it actually fall over, or 
do you just not get the programme you expected?  If it falls over, does 
it print an error message?  More helpful would be to show us your 
command line and the output (from release version)  when run with 
--verbose.  Ordinarily, the choice of playlist URL with non-default 
versions wouldn't make a difference.  If the change you described 
actually has an effect, it suggests there may be something unusual with 
BBC metadata for your programmes, but we don't know what those 
programmes are.

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