Playing programmes (in Linux version)

dinkypumpkin dinkypumpkin at
Tue Feb 7 11:51:05 EST 2012

On 07/02/2012 16:17, John Rose wrote:
> I want to use the --force&  --raw options. That works OK with:
> get_iplayer --force --raw --stream 104 | mplayer -cache 3072 -

--force and --raw don't really make sense in your scenario.  --raw is 
implied by --stream and --force is effectively ignored with --stream. 
That makes sense if you think about it: you're not recording, but rather 
you're telling get_iplayer to instruct rtmpdump to grab a media stream 
and pump it to stdout.

> I also want to catch the terminal messages by placing the stdout&
> stderr output in a file.
> I've tried:
> bash get_iplayer --force --raw --stream 104 | mplayer -cache 3072 -
>> /home/john/Temporary/iRecorderLog.txt 2>&1

David has pointed out your error in using bash.  Beyond that, remember 
that you have 2 processes (get_iplayer and mplayer) to capture output 
from and each has its own stdout/stderr handles.  My guess is you want 
something like:

get_iplayer --stream 104 2> get_iplayer.log | mplayer -cache 3072 - > 
mplayer.log 2>&1

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