Downloading Desert Island Discs Archives

Roger Rabbit rr87654321 at
Mon Feb 6 06:38:48 EST 2012

The BBC is creating digital archives of Desert Island Discs from the 
very beginning. There's currently a lot available and they're adding more.

The website is

You can download directly from the webpage to mp3 but the quality is 
poor (as usual with BBC podcasts). They're available in 128kbit AAC 
using get_iplayer as follows. They're not in any get_iplayer listings so 
you have to do this manually.

Get the PID from a recording you're interested in. The PID is the last 
characters at the end of the URL after the hash (#). An example is 
p009mdbb for the Dirk Bogarde recording.

Then use get_iplayer as follows to download:
get_iplayer --pid p009mdbb --modes=flashaacstd


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