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Sat Apr 28 21:24:49 EDT 2012

On 28/04/2012 14:28, Patrick Byrne wrote:
> Thank you for that. I will try it out - but I would like to have the
> flexibility, if you have the mac-from-scratch steps I would really
> appreciate that.

OK, but I'm going to assume that you're not actually a dummy :}  The 
basics are below.


Download the latest get_iplayer tarball from:

Unpack it wherever you like.  Copy the "get_iplayer" and 
"get_iplayer.cgi" scripts to somewhere in PATH.


You'll need to build the helper applications for your system.  First, 
select the source for your builds.  You have 3 choices:


I strongly recommend Homebrew because it's more flexible and more 
up-to-date, but I've listed the others in the interest of full 
disclosure.  Before using any of them, you'll first need to install 
Xcode (free from the App Store) and its command-line tools.  See the 
Homebrew installation instructions.  The command-line tools can also be 
downloaded separately from the Apple Developer site (free registration 
required).  If you don't know whether or not you need Xcode, get it and 
install the command-line tools from there.

Whatever the source, these are the packages to install:

atomicparsley (not in Fink?)

If you elect to use Homebrew, note that some of the above applications 
won't build correctly with the default LLVM compiler, so employ the 
"--use-clang" option to force compilation with the clang compiler 
frontend, e.g.:

brew install --use-clang ffmpeg

Check the "brew" man page for the full set of options.  One day I'll get 
around to creating that Homebrew formula for get_iplayer.


The command-line version works the same as elsewhere.  Just run the 
"get_iplayer" script as normal from a terminal window.

You have to launch the web interface yourself - no menu shortcut as on 
Windows.  Just run "get_iplayer.cgi --port 1935" from the command line, 
then point your browser to  You could of course 
make some kind of script or Automator workflow for this.


get_iplayer requires an optional Perl module (MP3::Tag) to do full 
metadata tagging for MP3 files.  I you want to use it, you have to 
install it yourself.  There are a number of ways to install Perl modules 
for OSX.  I use cpanminus and local::lib to keep additional modules 
under my home directory and separate from the system Perl, but you may 
prefer something different.

If you don't want to bother, id3v2 should suffice for MP3 tagging.

If you use iTunes, note that HD downloads from get_iplayer often won't 
load into the iTunes library.  Apparently, this is due to Quicktime 
limitations.  The solution is to run iTunes in 32-bit mode:

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