Error message corrupt file

Dominic Di Chiera ddichiera at
Mon Apr 23 07:26:50 EDT 2012

Hi everyone, I get a few error messages from time to time and I can't
quite decifer them. Here is a typical one from today . Can anyone
explain what it's actually telling me?

INFO: File name prefix =
RTMPDump 2.4 git-6230845 2011-9-25
(c) 2010 Andrej Stepanchuk, Howard Chu, The Flvstreamer Team; license: GPL
ERROR: Last tag size must be greater/equal zero
(prevTagSize=-922619419) and smaller then filesize, corrupt file!
INFO: Command exit code 1 (raw code = 256)
WARNING: Retry recording for 'Essential Classics - Wednesday - Rob
Cowan (b01g5ytp)'
ERROR: Failed to get iphone URL from iplayer site

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