-map_metadata fails in WinFF 1.4.2

bat guano batguano999 at hotmail.com
Thu Apr 19 07:08:23 EDT 2012

> In order to preserve the file tags, I use the option "-map_metadata
> 0:0" (without the quotes).  I have just updated WinFF from 1.3.2 to
> 1.4.2 and I now get the error message "Invalid metadata type 0".
> Can anyone help with the correct option setting to do this?

The syntax has changed in WinFF v1.4.2.
The new Additional Command Line Parameter is "map_metadata 0" (without the quotes).

But with WinFF v1.4.2 the file tags are preserved automatically, so there's no need to use the additional parameter.

If, for some reason, you DON'T want to preserve the file tags the Additional Command Line Parameter is "map_metadata -1" (without the quotes).

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