HD Stream Problems

Andy Bircumshaw andy at networkned.co.uk
Thu Apr 12 06:58:41 EDT 2012

On 12 April 2012, at 11:39, Charlie Pearce wrote:
>> Does anyone else have problems downloading in HD sometimes? A prime example
> of the problem I'm having is one of the current episodes of Silent Witness
> - Series 15, "Domestic" Part 2.
>> INFO: Command exit code 2 (raw code = 11)
> WARNING: Failed to stream file /store/cjp/Media/iPlayer/Silent_Witne
> ss_Series_15_-_Domestic_Part_2_b01gp1hs_default.partial.mp4.flv via
> INFO: skipping flashhd1 mode
> ERROR: Failed to record 'Silent Witness: Series 15 - Domestic: Part
> 2 (b01gp1hs)'
> I can download it in flashvhigh1, but I fail to see why HD doesn't work for
> this episode. 

Coming down in flashhd1 here now.

Please post the output of `get_iplayer --prefs-show`.

What --mode / --tvmode are you using?

You should be specifying "--tvmode flashhd" as standard, *not* "--tvmode flashhd1".
It's not clear whether or not you're doing this.
You might specify "--tvmode flashhd1" or "--tvmode flashhd2" if you find one of the servers flaky and wish manually to chose the other, but in normal use, let the BBC tell you which one is nearest and faster.


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