Seeking guidance to record streaming audio at time of broadcast

Clive roadcone at
Wed Sep 28 15:11:35 EDT 2011

> Your commmand can be simplified a little:-
> mplayer ''
> -dumpstream -dumpfile r3.aac
> Then wrap it in m4a:-
> ffmpeg -i r3.aac -acodec copy -absf aac_adtstoasc r3.m4a
> I think using the "pls" feed with mPlayer will be more reliable than
> using the "mediaselector/special_event" feed with get_iplayer. ;-)
When I use the long url taken from, a couple of things - 
this seems to change periodically, even when I was trying it out this 
evening, and which url do I use, the '1' or the '2'? Secondly, while it 
is running, the terminal cursor flashes and the file r3.aac appears and 
gets bigger (as one would expect).

Now, if I use the generic url above, accessing the .pls file, the 
terminal has all manner of activity; I don't get to see r3.aac created 
and when I press Ctrl+C, the activity stops but I can't find r3.aac. Can 
someone enlighten me please?

And where are my manners - a sincere thank you to those that have posted 
and got me this far.

I now need to incorporate this into at or crontab and neither seem to 
work for me. Both list the job as forthcoming but neither run the 
command line task. As an alternative, I have generated a bash script and the best that gets is a "command not found" error.

Thank you again, all.


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