Get Iplayer for Windows

Christopher Woods (CustomMade) christopher at
Wed Sep 21 18:52:24 EDT 2011

> >I won't volunteer to take over permanently because - like David - I 
> >don't use Windows much and prefer to keep it that way.
> Given that get_iplayer is such a hassle to maintain for 
> installation on Windows wouldn't distributing say an 
> Ubuntu+get_iplayer package for e.g.  VMplayer be worth looking at?

Whoever does take over Windows duties does take on a responsibility. I
suspect the majority of the Windows userbase is comprised of silent but
largely happy users (like myself until I joined the list a while back).
However, their technical skill level I would bet is probably a way below
that of Linux & Mac users when it comes to commandline fiddling. VMPlayer's
a little... Excessive... For an iPlayer download script don't you think?
It's more than slightly penalising us Windows users just for our choice of

(I am pragmatic though, I understand the complexities of maintaing a win32
build.) When it boils down to the essentials, what's needed for an update?
Could a base install be provided then, for updates, various binaries just be
bundled together in one NSIS / ZIP and provided to users along with the core

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