get_iplayer on a Pogoplug - success!

Steve Anderson steve at
Wed Mar 16 10:11:25 EDT 2011

Hi folks

Just thought I'd share my success - with a little bit of effort I've
got get_iplayer with rtmpdump working on my Pogoplug. Pogoplugs are
small Linux-based devices for hooking up USB drives to the outside
world - they draw a tiny amount of power but have a fair amount of
processing power (1 GHz ARM chips) and 256M RAM. They're very much
like the Linksys NSLU2, brought up-to-date, and have a fairly nice
web-based UI. They're also pretty cheap - I got change from £60 from
PC World, of all places - and have a good hacking community.

Rather than wipe the stock firmware and go for an all-new distro from, which would result in losing the access from (the web frontend), I kept the existing firmware and
added Optware to it (which, funnily enough, has its roots in NSLU2
hacking). This is what OpenPogo used to do, but that project morphed
into PlugApps and discontinued the Optware system. Fortunately, it is
now being maintained by, and is still being kept
active by people who seem to be like me and want to keep the stock

ANYWAY. I've got rtmpdump and get_iplayer working perfectly on this
now. It requires a bit of tinkering along the way, to take care of the
read-only root and to get used to the other oddities of the
environment, but I managed to do it across a couple of lunchtimes at
work. I've got a page full of notes made along the way, and will write
a full guide to setting it up if anyone's interested. If not, I don't


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